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Table of Contents

Expert Selling:
A Blueprint to Accelerate Sales Excellence
by Sedric Hill
I. Table of Contents
II. Foreword
xii. Preface
xv. Introduction
 Section I: Expert Performance Foundations "How the Sausage Gets Made"
Chapter 1. Connecting: Recognition and Situation Awareness in Selling
Chapter2. Situation Selling: Leveraging Customer Insights
Chapter3. The Anatomy of Expert Sales Performance
Chapter4. Expert Attitudes and Self Awareness "You are Who you Think you are"
Section II: Mastering the Selling Essentials "Becoming Brilliant at the Basics"
Chapter5. The Six Essentials of Persuasive Communication
Chapter6. Connecting Skills and Nonverbal Communication
Chapter7. Perceptiveness and Responsiveness Skills 
Section III: Accelerating the Development of Selling Expertise
Chapter8. Performance-Based Learning: Hastening Expertise through Routine Work
Chapter9. Video Interactive Practice: “Anytime” Implicit Learning
Chapter10. The Blueprint: Step by Step Plan to Accelerate Selling Expertise 
VI. Conclusion
VII. Acknowledgments
VIII. Appendix: “Honorable Mentions”
IX. Special Memorial Dedication
X. References