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Our Approach

At SD&P, we focus on you and your team's performance goals. Our aim is to drive skills to the next level, and do it more quickly. We recognize that many of our clients are looking for the optimum way to achieve measurable business results without sacrificing valuable selling time.

Traditional training approaches tend to focus on whole-task instruction which involves many hours and days out of the field. Whole-task training attempts to transfer complex behavioral skills to learners-often without enough practice time and support to master the skills. The bottom line is that most trainng has a low cost-benefit analysis and doesn't give advanced salespeople the skills they need to move to the top levels of performance.
SD&P employs a systematic learning approach that drives implicit learning and the mission-critical sub-skills that are most responsible for expert performance. Moreover, this innovative learning method does not require time away from your territory or workplace.
Our Sales Brain Trainer learning solutions:
Performance-Based Learning activities involve learning through routine work.
Video Interactive Practice Implicit Learning Apps feature on-demand brain training that improves cognitive skills and can be accessed from any internet device anywhere, anytime 24/7.
PBL and VIP draws from empirical research on expert performance and deliberate practice training concepts.