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Innovative training apps for your smartphone! 
  • Cognitive-based
  • Scientific Principle-Based
  • Accelerates Mental Selling Skills
  • High Repetition, Immediate Feedback, Progressive Difficulty
  • Builds Connecting Skills
  • Improves Intuitive Decision-making

Training your brain using VIP is part of a systematic method of skill improvement that speeds expertise and improves performance.
The Video Interactive Practice™ (VIP) app

is an innovative tool that helps to improve implicit learning using any internet device. Each app is designed using the expert principles of deliberate practice; high repetition, immediate feedback, and progressive difficulty. Most important, you can use the apps without taking large amounts of time away from your sales territory or workplace.





How it works:

VIP Implicit Skills Apps

VIP Implicit apps allow you to cognitively practice the following perceptual aspects of intuitive expertise:

  • Recall and Detection (Recognition)
  • Categorization (Interpreting)
  • Reaction and Predicting (Responding)
Learn while playing - VIP has the look and feel of popular online video games. By using these gamification features, users engage in high repetiton learning that automatically tracks skill progress.

All of our skill-based training programs include deliberate practice training methods. VIP can also be used to drive skill practice during and after training workshops. Learn more about how VIP apps are transforming learning into performance.


VIP Explicit Skills Apps

VIP Explicit apps are designed to work along with whole-task training courses. The central idea is to drive skill transfer to the job through VIP drill ‘n practice. Skills curriculum must be properly modified for use with VIP. Drills are carefully designed by isolating the most critical skills that impact performance. Once the trainee has a completed drill script and a cued up webcam, VIP recording is ready to begin:
  • Trainees record themselves while performing a scripted sales dialogue with a peer or manager. 
  • Recorded videos are uploaded to a private YouTube account or similar where an expert coach reviews 

          and gives feedback.

  • After receiving feedback, the trainee records another take correcting any errors before resending a new video.
  • The video recordings are repeated with perfection until the skill is improved to the desired level.

Deliberate Practice is an empirically researched training activity…

“Deliberate Practice is identified as a necessary activity responsible for the acquisition of expert performance” (Ericsson, Smith) 1993.

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