Blueprint Whitepaper

Sedric Hill, President Sales Development & Performance LLC  2009

Current Training Methods

Traditional training is mostly content driven and therefore learners struggle to truly understand it well enough to transfer to their job. Although this content can be great information, the problem is that the learner has too much information to absorb, too little time to practice it and little or no support once they are back on the job trying to apply what they have learned to the job. Through our innovative Blueprint™ system, we drive performance and results by combining the researched-based methods of expert performers with the desired skills and performance.

What is the Blueprint?

The Blueprint is a strategic roadmap for a sales professional or sales business designed to improve performance to a high level which we refer to as “superior performance.”  Emperical research has shown that “experts” acquire their superior performance skills from a unique form of training called Deliberate Practice (DP). DP has been found to be the most observable determinant responsible for the acquisition of superior performance.

How does it work?

The process begins by identifying knowledge and skill requirements in order to improve performance to a desired level. We provide “targeted” and relevant learning interventions to close those knowledge gaps. Our programs are created using our exclusive Performance-Based Learning™ (PBL) methodology. PBL transforms training into performance based on the performance goals and requirements of the learner/group. PBL is learner friendly allowing for maximum practice opportunities in a controlled environment. It also provides the learner with immediate and accurate feedback from the coach (facilitator and performance plan designer.) 

Each performance goal is broken down into smaller aspects which are the components that are deliberately practiced in a simulated performance environment. In order to drive superior performance, learners must engage in DP on a consistent basis. Therefore, a “training event” in its traditional definition is not a driver of superior performance. At SD&P, we prefer the term “development” because it implies a more systematic approach to learning and performance. We drive sales professional’s performance by creating an "intentionality" of development in their daily work activities. Over time, the performer will develop self-monitoring skills which allow them to self evaluate during and after a performance experience. 


The Blueprint™ is a development guide for improving performance to a superior level...



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Coaching Subscriptions